Santubong Resort

6th September 2007

*7pm – 10 pm*

Free Gala Buffet Dinner Malaysian Style/ Eat-all-you-can On-Stage Cultural & Traditional Martial Arts Performance Featuring all invited Masters.

7th September 2007

**Day 1 : Examination of Sanchins from the various Southern Fukien styles kung fu alongside Tit Sin Kune and Karate’s Sanchin.

8th September 2007

**Day 2 : Examination of Cho Gar Wing Chun from 3 different lines.

9th September 2007

**Day 3 : Examination of Hakka Kung Fu including Chu Gar Pheonix Eye Boxing, Chu Gar Kao, Praying Mantis.

These are not sit-and-watch sessions. All participants will be on the training floor playing and touching hands with the Masters.

Dress appropriately.

As most of the Masters are non English speaking, a moderator/translator will assist in every session.


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