International Martial Arts Masters & Enthusiasts To Meet In Malaysia

For immediate release on 20th March 2007.

KUCHING, Malaysia, March 20 – The inaugural International Martial Arts Gathering will be held from 6-9 September 2007 at a seaside resort on this tropical island state of Sarawak in Malaysia Borneo.

Organised by a local company, My Martial Arts Sdn Bhd, the launching of its official website for the International Martial Arts Gathering 2007- aims to bring the world closer together through martial arts.

As Christina Foo, Director of MY Martials Arts puts it, “ we want to invite Martial Arts masters and enthusiasts from all parts of the world and Malaysia to come together in the arts to share and exchange knowledge and 'Touch Hands'. This shall be a gathering of like-minded people who are passionate about traditional martial arts.”

“ It is also the opportunity for us to reveal some Chinese Kung Fu thought to have vanished during the Cultural Revolution in China but are now found in Malaysia. The three day event will showcase a variety of art forms reflecting the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities of Sarawak and Malaysia including Malay Silat and Indian unarmed and weapon arts,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Martial Arts consultant Master Eric Ling says some of the biggest names in the world of traditional martial arts will be attending, including :

  1. Pan Chen Miao – the world leader of Yong Chun White Crane believed by many world renowned researchers and authors to be the most influential style in Fukien during the heyday of Chinese Kung Fu.
  2. Ruan Dong – a Fuzhou native in China whose very style of White Crane is taken by many Karate researchers to be one of their founding arts.
  3. Liu Chang I – from Taiwan, a 4th generation Feeding Crane boxer and grandson of the late Liu Ku.
  4. Russ Smith – a martial arts historian and one of the most vibrant practitioners of Okinawa Goju Ryu karate in the world today.
  5. Kimo Wall – A 7th dan Goju-Ryu sensei who has introduced many authentic traditional Kung Fu to the US.
  6. Evert Van De Meulen – from Holland, a researcher and practitioner of Hung Gar, in particular Tit Sin Kune or Steel Wire Boxing.

It is the vision of MY Martial Arts to preserve traditional art form which is fast disappearing from the world through working with Martial Arts masters in creating global awareness, promoting martial arts through its numerous projects in Research & Documentation, Books & Audio-visual Products as well as organising Local & International martial arts events.

Kuching, a “Garden City” with a population of 600,000, is the capital of Malaysia's largest state Sarawak. Rich in natural resources of timber, oil and gas, this land of 28 ethnic groups is where the White Rajahs once ruled. Since 1998, Kuching has been successfully hosting the popular International Rainforest World Music Festival. Exotic Sarawak, with its enchanting natural environment and resources, promises the visitor a haven of fun and experiences.

My Martial Arts Sdn Bhd is inviting all Martial Arts enthusiasts to visit its event website:

MY Martial Arts Sdn Bhd, the company organising this unique event was incorporated in 2006 to research, preserve, promote and propagate, collect and produce materials pertaining to traditional Asian fighting arts.

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