Hakka being the "gypsies" of China formulated their fighting skills by absorbing from many other styles they encounter moving about mainly in the southern part of China.

Colorful in many ways, there are many signature movements and tactics that include the way power is generated, linear aggressive movements and close range techniques with their singular "hands out stay out" mode of delivery.

Widespread Hakka styles include Praying Mantis, White Eyebrow, Yau Kun Mun and Dragon Shape Boxing.

In Sarawak, with her huge Hakka Chinese population, you also find many other Hakka styles not easily found elsewhere.

Some of these are:-

Hakka Southern Mantis Fan Zhuang Quan

Originated in Southern Fukien Shaolin, this style is easily recognized by quick whipping and tight hand movements leaving opponents little opportunity for penetration. Current Masters include Kong Xian Hua, Francis Ling and Sifu Edmond Wong.

Master Kong Xian Hua

Master Francis Ling

Chu Gar Internal Jin Praying Mantis

Unparalleled in their power generation that relies on internal energy to power their techniques. This is a style that keeps transmission strictly with the family and the current Master, Liew Joon Mew, is the custodian of the system now in its 7th generation.

Master Liew Joon Mew

Chu Gar Fu Zhuang Tiger Boxing

Another seldom seen system outside Sarawak, this style is known for their tremendous power and linear attacking methodology. This system, like many Fukien styles, is Sanchin based.

The current leader of this system is Grand Master Lew Kao Chye.

Chu Gar Suppressing Tiger Boxing

Another system that's renowned for their whipping style of delivery. This system would remind many of Fuzhou styles White Crane with its fluid and relaxed manner of execution and ending techniques with a crispy whip. This style is now headed by Master Kong Shu Ming.

Hakka Grand Ancestor Boxing

Fascinating Grand Ancestor Boxing that still bears many of the Northern elements of the original Grand Ancestor Boxing. This style also varies from the other Southern Fukien Grand Ancestor Boxing that focuses around Sanchin training. Taught only to a handful here in Sarawak and one of the more active Masters is Chong Khui Chong.

Hakka 5 Animals (tiger, dragon, crane, leopard and Praying Mantis) Boxing

A riveting system in the way the different animal style flows seamlessly within a form. Every technique could be expressed in different animal style using the same bodyworks and movements in different variations. The only Master conversant in this style is again Master Chong Khui Chong.

Master Chong Khui Chong

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