An infrequently heard or seen style, Fong Yang traces its beginning all the way back to Southern Shaolin.

According to Master Ting Huat Yiong, one of the few surviving Fong Yang teachers, the art started when an orphan boy, Yao Bing Hui, was adopted by a Kung Fu nun from Fong Yang in China.

The nun, purportedly from Shaolin, passed on all her skills to the boy. The art was named "Fong Yong" in honor of the nun's home city and later taught to Master Yang Ju Siong.

The family tree continues with Master Yu Jin Sing , Master Wei Ching Sheng and to the present Master Ting Huat Yiong.

In essence, the art is an amalgamation of Dragon, Tiger and Dog Boxing. And also because the art was propagated mainly with the farmers' community in China, many "farming" movements were modified and integrated into the forms.


  1. Palm thrust (Pai Zhan)
  2. Needle through brick (Wa Chuan Zhen)
  3. Charging Ferocious Tiger (Chong Mian Hu)
  4. Pressing Palm (Tui Zhi)
  5. Iron Hand (Tie Sha Shou)
  6. One Incense (Yi Tiao Xiang)
  7. Seven Steps in farming (Qi Bu Tian Xin)
  8. Ground Lying Kick (Di Tang Tui)


  • Long Stick (Method of Farming movements)
  • Method of Three Swords Stick (San Jian Gun Fa)

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